German boxer

German boxer

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Surname: German boxer
Alternative names: Boxer
Original origin: Germany
FCI group: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoide - Swiss Mountain Dogs
size: up to 63cm
size: up to 60cm
Mass () : 28 - 33kg
Mass () : 25 - 30kg
Life expectancy: 10 - 13 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 7 - 8
coat color: brown
coat type: smooth
coat length: short
Character / essence: intelligent, sensitive, playful
attitude: Housing is inadequate

German Boxer - introduction information

The history of German boxers can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when their direct ancestors, the so-called Bullenbeisser in the hunt for bears and wild boars were used. These dogs are next to the German boxer and the mastiff and the bulldog from. The boxer is a direct descendant of the Brabanter Bullbiter and evolved from a crossing of the same with the English Bulldog. The first breed standards set in Germany by the Boxer Club date back to 1904. In the early 20th century, the German boxer became increasingly popular internationally and used as a protective and working dog for soldiers during the Second World War. However, the breeding of this breed is no longer focused on Germany, but on the European countries of the Mediterranean.
The German boxer is of strong and muscular stature and reached at a shoulder height of an average of 60 centimeters, a body weight of about thirty kilograms, with bitches are usually built a little more petite than males. Characteristic is the appearance of his distinctive skull, which is characterized by the typical Vorbiss and the dark eyes, which are usually framed by a black mask. According to the breed standards, boxers with yellow and brindle colors are allowed, but there are also many animals that appear black, white or pied.
Because of his energetic, sensitive and playful nature of the German Boxer is a popular companion and family dog, who can tolerate well with children and other pets. Above all, his careful and unusually gentle handling of young children makes him an ideal and completely harmless family member. He is characterized by a high intelligence and a balanced and self-confident character. However, he is also very headstrong, which is why a loving and consistent education is necessary to prevent him from developing dominant patterns of behavior. This very sporty and movement-loving breed needs a lot of exercise in the great outdoors and should have enough free space available. The German boxer is therefore only partially suitable for the attitude in the city and feels much better in a house with a garden. The property will protect the boxer like his pack, because he is considered an extremely talented watchdog. He is a loyal companion who loves physical and mental workload. It should therefore be kept only by people who like to do sports and spend a lot of time in nature.