Spider Identification Illinois

Spider Identification Illinois

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I noticed a really huge, beautiful web on my porch last week, and tonight, I discovered its resident. I'm thinking it's an Araneus diadematus (Cross Orbweaver), but I was hoping for some confirmation.

Can anyone confirm this or offer a better suggestion?

This is very likely an araneid (or Orb-weaver spider) in the family Araneidae.

Without further evidence, it's hard to narrow down to a species.

One possibility:

Neoscona crucifera (Hentz orbweaver, spotted orbweaver or barn spider)

Source: Will Cook 2001

Source: Wikipedia

  • Description:
    • Relatively variable in color (and sometimes pattern), but is usually rusty-red or golden orange color.
      • This site suggests females are reddish-brown to brown and males are lighter brown with the sides of the carapace nearly black.
    • Dorsal abdomen is brown and hairy; abdomen underside = black, with two white spots
    • The epithet crucifera refers to the cross-like pattern on their back
    • Legs have alternating light and dark brown bands.
  • Size: females = 9.5-19 mm long; males = somewhat smaller
  • Web: very large (up to 0.61 m diameter) and often on buildings and other man-made structures
  • Range: Eastern/Central USA + Mexico

According to Will Cook,

Several other species of Neoscona are confusingly similar… Other species usually have a bolder pattern.

We can rule out Neoscona domiciliorum because Illinois is west of its range and the colroation is different. [Source].

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