British Shorthair cat - Wanted poster

British Shorthair cat - Wanted poster

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Surname: British shorthair
Latin name: Felis silvestris catus
class: Mammals
size: about 50cm
mass: 3 - 8kg
Older: 10 - 16 years
Appearance: numerous coat colors possible, u.a. cream, white, red, black, blue and gray
Sexual dimorphism: No
Nutrition type: Carnivore
food: Meat
distribution: worldwide
original origin: Great Britain
Sleep-wake rhythm: diurnal
habitat: As a domestic cat near the man
natural enemies: Fox, marten, birds of prey
sexual maturity: approx. from the second year of life
mating season: all year round
gestation: 65 days
litter size: 1 - 4 cubs
Threatened with extinction: No
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Interesting facts about the british shorthair cat

  • The name British Shorthair describes a breed of cat that originated in Great Britain and has been bred there since the second half of the 19th century.
  • The first color variations were introduced in 1871 as part of the cat show at London's Crystal Palace.
  • Today, British Shorthair is considered one of the most popular domestic cats on the international scene.
  • It comes from British cats that had already arrived to Britain with the Romans. These were crossed with Persian cats to obtain a stocky breed, but had a short coat. These breeding efforts were successful and produced a breed that is often considered a pet because of its calm and balanced nature.
  • The British Shorthair is a medium to large cat, which brings depending on sex three to eight kilograms on the scales.
  • She is of strong, well-proportioned and muscular stature and has broad shoulders, a short neck and a large and round head.
  • The round and stocky appearance is completed by short and strong limbs and pronounced round paws.
  • Strong differences in appearance result from the numerous color variations that affect both the fluffy soft, dense and short coat as well as the strikingly large eyes.
  • British Shorthair cats may appear in one color white, cream, red, black, blue, gray, or in various shades of brown, but tortoise shell, tabby, and bicolor varieties are also acceptable.
  • The eyes also show a great variety of colors. Particularly popular are specimens with bright blue or amber eyes.
  • The British Shorthair is characterized by its frugal, unobtrusive and calm nature. She is sensitive, fond of children, patient and fits easily into a family group.
  • She is extremely gentle and works well with other pets.
  • However, the British Shorthair is also very playful and should be promoted and employed because of their high intelligence.
  • Since it tends to be overweight due to breeding, a balanced diet must be respected.
  • With good care and attitude, a British Shorthair can reach an age of up to sixteen years.