In detail


The first year of life:

Children in the first year of life after birth are considered Sдuglinge referred to, derived from the characteristic sucking reflex. As soon as something comes into contact with the baby's lips, it instinctively begins to suck. The swallowing reflex is closely coordinated with the sucking reflex and secures the child in the first months of life, the uncomplicated food intake, after all, the child can not control even consciously.
In the first few weeks, the baby often makes itself felt with crying, because at this early stage, this is still his only way to communicate. Parents quickly learn the meanings behind crying: hungry? Full diaper? Malaise? Boredom? Mьde?
Soon the child starts to interact with his environment. It is smiled, grasped for objects and babbled ('dadadada'). The basic emotions such as joy, disgust, fear, anger or surprise including their facial expressions are already innate. Over time, the child gets to know the meanings of the individual emotions in dealing with other people.
With everything you should always remember: Children develop individually. No child is the same, so you should not panic immediately if the neighbor child can crawl. If you are unsure about your child's development, ask the pediatrician!
What else happens in the first year? (List with random order!)
The breakthrough of the first teeth
The child can distinguish between different people
Learning the tweezer handle
Imitation of sounds
Loss of some reflexes through progressive brain development
The child grows and gains a few pounds in weight
Object permanence (non-visible persons continue to exist)
Building a tight mother-child bond
The child starts to crawl
Articulation of simple words like "mom" and "dad"
The child may go through a phase of alienation