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Hardy-Weinberg principle

The following paragraph on Wikipedia about the Hardy-Weinberg principle is bothering me. It should be mentioned that the genotype frequencies after the first generation need not equal the genotype
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Comparison of sun-leaf and shadow-leaf

Overview table - Similarities and differences between the sun leaf and the shadow leaf Sun leaf / sun plant Shadow leaf / shade adapted to: warm, light-rich locations cool, low-light locations leaves small but numerous leaves large leaves to capture as much sunlight as possible cuticle thick, waxy cuticle to minimize water evaporation Sun exposure to shade plants is usually low, accordingly a thin cuticle Chloroplasts high chloroplast count significantly less chloroplasts Size of palisade and sponge tissue thick palisade and sponge tissue due to the high number of chloroplasts thin palisade and sponge tissue roots deep roots to as much water from deeper layers as possible to reach shallow roots
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